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Green on Sustainability

Sustainable furniture is our mantra.


Transteel was founded as an office furniture maker in 1995, and we are now recognised also as one of the leaders in companies providing workplace furniture solutions involving Natural Materials.  


At Transteel we believe that its essential to understand the concept of reusing finite resources and we keep this in mind when designing and developing our products.


As a manufacturing company, we use resources but we try to do so responsibly. We also partner with companies who share this sense of responsibility.

Transteel Bio chair with Fabour by Tata Steel

We are the exclusive go to market partner with Tata Steel for furniture segment for Graphene enriched fabrics business. 


Improved Productivity 

Allows use of vibrant colours in office other than the normal black . This improves employee mood , productivity and allows for branding as per company colour scheme.  



Use of local organically grown and processed material which decompose naturally at the end of product life .



Graphene enriched Jute fabric are naturally breathable & allows for far greater air circulation when compared to synthetic upholstery material  


Easy to Maintain

Any kind of stains etc can be simply wiped away as Graphene adds a barrier property to Jute. 

Modern Interior Design
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Fabour Products are Eco Certified by Intertek

Transteel is the exclusive partner for Organoid Austria in India. 

Organoid® Natural Surfaces

100% sustainability, authenticity and nontreated natural materials for a wide variety of applications.

Produced at a plant in the Tyrol/Austria with an area of about 1,200 m² for production and administration 15 employees are doing their best to fulfill the high standards of Natural Surfaces.

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Tell us about your potential greenproject and our professional team will assist you with a design proposal.